We work in highly complex socio-environmental situations to create shared value between communities, investors and the environment.

Do you want to undertake a project that aims to make sustainable use of natural resources while getting to know your neighbours and generating a long-term relationship with them?

What we understand by "respecting the people"

What we understand by "respecting the people"

We recognize that many of the projects implemented in our country have not generated local value, which has created a lack of confidence in entrepreneurs and companies on the part of local communities.

We believe that to respect is not just to "not cause damage"; it is to recognize, to hear and to value the people living in the vicinity of the proposed project. In this way, "respect" implies the establishment of a deep relationship with the community; to design a project that incorporates the community's dreams and aspirations.

Our work is build upon a reciprocal relationship, where the entrepreneur / developer and the local community respect one another and recognize how they complement each other in the generation of value for the territory. They see the project as an opportunity for both parties.

Your enthusiasm could benefit all Chileans, because we need good projects.

What we understand by "good projects"

What we understand by "good projects"

Good projects are designed with care and humility; they consider, in a responsible fashion, that they are to be established in an environmental and social context. They respect and empathize with the concerns and dreams of the people who already live there.

Good projects are designed, constructed and operated with prudence, listening to the advice of local communities.

Good projects are a source of pride for their owners because they are understood and accepted by the community.

Good projects are good for Chile.

Let's work together to build a better Chile!

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